Wednesday, 20 December 2017

Words that cannot be taken back

Have you ever been to fight with your loved ones and it got ugly when you uttered something that cannot be taken back?

Temper sometimes make us spit words we wish that we could take back. Relationships break and leave scars. Regret won't do anything to heal those scars. Perhaps time heals a little, but the memory of those bitter moments sleeps in our subconscious mind will make relationships wrecked forever. 

Controlling not to say any words that could make such things over a fight seems impossible, but it is possible. Whenever you see your loved ones, keep thinking about the good things that they have done to you, always. Each time you see, keep rolling all those loving moments with them. The moment when they helped you, cared you, made your life easy. Don't think of anything bad. In that way, your mind filled with good thoughts of the person whom you are fighting with, you can't hurt them. 

Yeah! Easy to say, but I cannot do that either while fighting we just want to tear off the person opposite! While we fight, what we say out of temper is what actually how we feel about that person, subconsciously. Fighting will give us a chance to see a different perspective of a person. And thus understand his/her personality. A fight will make a relationship stronger and if it ends with a fight, it is good for you!

Friday, 24 June 2016



Thresia heard the voice of Peter while she was preparing breakfast, "Thersia...che".

"Come inside Peter. Have breakfast."

Peter walked into the the small home near the beach. An old lady came out from the kitchen with a glass of tea. 

"Who are you?" Peter asked.

"She is here to help me with my delivery" Thresia' s voice from kitchen.

"Is it already 10 months?"

"Yes, my baby is coming soon" a voice from bedroom. It was Peter's best friend Aloysius, they were childhood playmates now they go fishing together. It's a daily routine, Peter comes to Aloysius' home early morning everyday and they sail from the spot near his home, except Sunday.

"What's your name lady?"


"Well take good care of my sister "

"Sure, I will"

After breakfast they left for fishing.

" Your brother seems to love you a lot, he calls your name very affectionately"

"Yeah he will die for me. He is going to be the God father of our child."

A Kerala fishing boat.
Aloysius was known for his talent in fishing, where as Peter not so well. The people of this small village, Sakthikulangara near the town of Quilon which is altogether dependent on fishing. They go fishing in wooden boats which can carry 5 to 10 fishermen and their fishing net at a time. While they were sailing close to noon Aloysius sensed rain, and he predicted it will rain by evening. He was always accurate in weather. The Arabian sea is calm and quiet now, endless view of blue everywhere.

"brother can we sail across that boat over there?" Peter asked Aloysius.


"I need a match box"

"Nobody have a light box?"

Everyone on-board said no. When they reached near John's boat, Peter's eyes lit up seeing that they had some Palm wine aboard, created from the sap of Coconut Palm. The milky white beverage was the most common in that area.
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"Join us Peter" John offered.

"Why not, Aloysius leave me with them. I want to fish with them today"

"You want to drink with them today, Son of a...." , he paused.

Aloysius has certain rules, ethics that he believes - all fishermen should follow, the first of which he says it's is no alcohol while fishing. He says its a disrespect to mother sea. He drinks, but only after his work. Some of the crew also wanted to join in, but they kept the desire to themselves. If they tell him they wanted to join Peter and John, Aloysius won't bring them next time. Since his boat gets more fish and more money they wont dare to ask. Peter jumped to John's boat and they went separate ways.

Its evening and raining heavily. Aloysius foresaw the rain and reached shore early and headed on to sell the fish.

"Oh God, let it not be a thunderstorm at sea, bring back my husband and brother safely"
Thresia prayed to their patron The blessed John D' Britto to bring back everyone at sea safely ashore. She is crying .
Narayani "don't cry my child, God will bring them safe."

"Peter is missing, at noon he switched to a boat of his friend. I heard the boat sank during the thunderstorm at sea. Only two survivors. Pray hard to our savior to bring him back alive."

And he rushed out. Aloysius went back to the roaring sea on a small boat alone. He know how to pierce through the giant waves. One among John's crew who managed to escape the storm gave some information about their last location. Aloysius thought he shouldn't have let him go. The sea is violent, and it's dark he called out "Peteerr". After a long time of searching, he saw the stars, the sea is finally calm. "Oh, the blessed John D' Britto, help me to find Peter, I am offering a pilgrimage to Oriyur and the red sand dune, I will light a hundred candles for you!".

The sorrowful night and a day passed, Aloysius and the entire village is on the quest to find the body of Peter. Only Peter's body is yet to be found. If they cant find the body, the villagers wont eat sharks for some months,  they assume sharks eat the body. The family still hopes he will come, and they delayed the Requiem mass.
Aloysius came to check on Thersia. "I am spending the night with the search team, Narayani make her eat something" Silence was the only response he got, he left.

After several hours, around midnight Narayani asked Thresia, "My child, at least drink this glass of milk, consider your baby" .

She drank half of the glass and grabbed her rosary. On her knees she started reciting the rosary to Mother Mary, crying. She was praying for the soul of her beloved brother. She heard a voice,


She turned her face to Narayani and realized its not her imagination. They heard the voice again.


Narayani is now shivering. The door is knocked along with the voice again, "Thersia...che"
They both embraced each other in fear.

After five minutes they heard the voice of a crowd from the beach. They opened the door,and head out to the crowd. The corpse of Thresia's beloved brother has been washed on to the shore near her home.

*Inspired from a true story.

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Monday, 23 May 2016

Love: A short story

It is a big day for him, looking in the mirror he is desperate to see his face filled with black spots and pimples. But he is confident that the girl he is going to ask to love him is gonna say yes. She is beautiful, loves books, kind to poor, he can make her laugh, and he enjoys being with her.

While he continues to groom, he looked back to find the moment he fell in love with her. He can't find any. It was natural, his classmate, then friend, Maybe he realized it when he realized that he couldn't stop thinking about her. Whenever he closes his eyes, he saw her. Checks his text messages to cheer up when finds her's. A romantic song brings her to his closed eyes.

MJ, the 16-year-old boy, is very confident about today. "I will tell her; she will say yes and Love forever!"

He dressed up in his favorite shirt, a 2K priced coffee colored Allen Solly with two yellow stripes, "So elegant" and a Van Heusen cream trouser. "This makes me mature and handsome."

He plans to say it after the Physics tuition, a small walk to bus stop, in the middle of the bridge, that’s the spot. The only soul who knows about this, apart from him is his best friend PK. The three are on the same tuition. Ever since MJ realized that he is in love with CM, he shared it with PK. But PK always discouraged him. "you look like an as*hole, she won't fall for you" And after a long thought, MJ decided to ask her. He asked PK not to come for tuition to get some privacy.

The phone vibrated its CM's text. "Meet me at the bus stop at 11" It's only nine, but he rushed to the bus stop. She came late; they talked usual talks, him half listening with his erratic dreams.

At the class, she was looking at him like a way she never did before, he saw it as a sign. Both of them are not listening to their teacher, a retired college professor. The professor knows what was happening, but he ignored it and continued Gauss's theorem. The time drifted like a warm wind.

On the way back, she was speechless, looks like she is expecting something and she doesn’t want that. They entered the bridge. It was a beautiful scenery, the river is filled algae, and a traditional Kerala boat is passing. "CM, I have been in love with you for some time" He paused and looked into her eyes. There is no surprise. "I want to marry you someday, you are perfect for me, and I am so to you too. Will you marry me someday?"


He felt like the bridge collapsed and he is drowning. And she continued, MJ half listening and half on his lost dreams. "We are kids; we are immature, it is just an infatuation. And besides that, I don't believe in love marriage and I will only marry someone my parents choose. Sorry, think about it, let's be friends." And they walked forward. At the end of the bridge PK was waiting for them, after she left PK dropped him at his home. "you don’t worry man, you will get someone more beautiful and intelligent than her, she is too dumb not to see your love."

PK came back to his place and dialed CM.

"Is he OK?"

"OK or Not. It went well sweetheart, love you"

"love you too"

(The story, all names, characters, and incidents portrayed are fictitious. No identification with actual persons are intended or should be inferred.)

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Sunday, 13 March 2016

Blood is thicker than Water

I dont know why I started typing this title, just typed it...

May be because of my subconscious mind, recent understandings of 'life'. I always wonder why I am so immature and why I always think like a teenager when it comes to 'people'. Interacting with people, Identifing true nature of them, and so on.

The world around us is packed with selfishness, and I find its normal. Everyone is looking for their own well being. Parasites feed on innocent or helpless people.

Who we can trust? Whom we can lean on? Only a few, and among those few the majority is our own blood. That majority is actually a few among blood, another bitter truth.

Selfishness is a human nature, those who can overcome it will be an absolute provider to others. Blood washes away selfishness, it provides regardless of a selfish mind's desires.

Blood is thicker than any relations.

Friday, 13 November 2015

A Journey through life searching First times

I was thinking about 'First Time' like never before in my life. Used to hear that ' there is always a first time', but until now at my early 20's I realized each day we experience at least one #FirstTime.

While boarding an airplane for the first time made me look back my entire life searching for #FirstTimes, yeah! LIFE IS BEAUTIFUL. The first time I have a piece of cake, plum cake. I don't remember it, but luckily my Papa took a picture. I'm glad, that it happened because its my favorite food. The first time I attended a call, saying 'Hello!', sounding very excited. The first time I watched a Pop music video, yes its the Thriller by Michael Jackson. I was terrified and I believed for some time he was actually a werewolf.

First time I stood on a stage, it was for a cinematic dance competition. First time I presented a seminar, awkward. First school fight, on a beach, on train, Best Friend and so on.

First Love...

Looking back, #FirstTime is special and sometimes its funny too. Any way, spend my first flight looking back my entire life, I don't know how those 4 hours on air gone with the blink of an eye.

Sunday, 25 November 2012

Christmas Novena to Obtain Favors

 Here I am sharing a Christmas Novena which I got from the following card.


Christmas Novena to Obtain Favors

Hail and blessed be the hour and moment in which the Son of God was born of the most pure Virgin Mary, at midnight, in Bethlehem, in piercing cold. In that hour vouchsafe, O my God! To hear my prayer and grant my desires, through the merits of Our Savior Jesus Christ, and of His blessed Mother. Amen.

(It is piously believed that whoever recites the above prayer fifteen times a day from the feast of St. Andrew (30th Nov.) until Christmas will obtain what is asked.)

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Friday, 21 September 2012

An extraordinary artist

 "Artist" a word that we can call musical geniuses and painters. Well, King of Pop Michael Jackson was known as the most successful Artist of all time in musical industry. At the same time he was a painter. He created lots of extraordinary canvases. Michael drew pictures of chairs a lot. The pictures shown in this blog are snap shots from CNN's report. His daughter Paris Jackson got his talents and recently shared her paintings.